Spring Wedding Flowers

10. Flowering Branches are perhaps the most obvious sign that spring has sprung. Whether it be cherry blossoms, apple blossoms or forsythia, they are sure to make an impact in any tall centerpiece.

9.  Hydrangea make a nice presentation in both bouquets and centerpieces. It is a very full flower which gives the arrangement an extra fullness. They come in several nice spring colors such as light blue, white, pink and lavender.

8. Ranunculus are especially beautiful during the spring time. Their thin delicate  petals give a very romantic appearance. They come in a variety of beautiful colors for most every color scheme.

7. Hyacinths are not only visually stunning but they also have a magnificent fragrance. They are a lush flower which adds both dimension and body.

6.  Cymbidium orchids are a hearty tropical which also have a sweet aroma. They hold up well in all types of arrangements and give your arrangement an added exotic touch.

5.  Pink Ginger is not a typical “spring” flower but it certainly looks great in spring arrangements. It has a  gorgeous pink hue and a unique shape which makes it eye-catching in a variety of different types of arrangements.nj-wedding-florist_0003

4.  Lilly of the Valley which was made popular by Grace Kelly and more recently Kate Middleton is a classic spring wedding flower. It is both delicate and sophisticated. For someone looking for a more traditional bridal bouquet, this is an excellent choice.

3.  Boronia is a long stem with many small bell shaped flowers best known for its unique fragrance. Its vibrant pink color along with its unique shape make it a excellent accent for all type of arrangements.

2.  Peony are always a crowd favorite. They are a luxuriant flower which make a very lush and charming arrangement. They are adored for their delicate petals which give them a soft romantic appearance.

1. Tulips are of course the most popular spring flower. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. They can be incorporated into both centerpieces and bouquets due to their extensive varieties. They look great both closed and open. They are scentless which make them a great choice for those that prefer not to have florals with a fragrance.



Winter Wedding Flowers

When it comes to winter weddings, many people think there are no good flower options. On the contrary, if you work with your season and utilize the seasonal flowers you can create extremely unique stunning arrangements. Below I have listed a few of my favorites.

1. Eucalyptus- There is something about eucalyptus that makes just about any arrangement look classy. It comes in a variety of different types including seeded, baby blue and feathered which provides the perfect mix of texture. Its’ unique silvery color makes it a perfect addition to winter arrangements.

2. White Pine- If you are looking for a festive holiday look, white pine is the perfect greenery to provide both olfactory and visual appeal.

3. Roses- Roses are a very popular winter flower because they are both readily available and come in a wide variety of colors. Using roses can help you to bring in different colors as well as providing a more traditional look.

4. Hypericum Berries- Hypericum come in a variety of colors including red, white, green, peach and brown and are definitely reminiscent of a holiday look. They hold up very well and make an excellent accent flower.

5. Pin Cushions- The different texture of pin cushions makes them a standout flower. They come in different shades of red, yellow and orange and are extremely hardy. Despite their prickly appearance they are actually very soft.

6. Protea- The winter is the optimal season for protea. Whether it be the king or queen, they are sure to be a beautiful focal flower for just about any type of arrangement. Their larger size makes them a big impact flower which is sure to grab attention.

7. Berzelia- Berzelia are also a unique looking accent for bouquets and centerpieces alike. They come in different shades of greens and silver as well as different sizes. They are very hardy which also makes them a nice accompaniment for the winter.

8. Dusty Miller- Dusty Miller comes in both a lacy leaf and a large leaf variety which can give you the perfect texture based on your arrangements. It is a winter favorite due to its silvery color. It almost appears frosted.

9. White Birch- If you are looking for a great way to winterize your centerpieces, white birch is the perfect choice. It provides height as well as dimension in a cost effective way.  It is a great choice in a winter wonderland themed event.

10. Succulents- Succulents are all the rage in modern design. They come in a variety of colors and shapes which makes them a versatile fit for most color schemes. They especially work well for anyone looking for a natural looking arrangement or bouquet.

Summer Wedding Flowers

Summer is a great time for flowers. There are an abundant variety of flowers available which come in a wide selection of vibrant colors. By utilizing these vibrant colors you can truly incorporate the essence of summer into your wedding. They also photograph extremely well which make them a great accent to your wedding.

Thank you to Idalia Photography for taking these stunning photos for us. As always they look amazing. http://www.idaliaphotography.com/


10. Sweet William is a beautiful cost effective flower which is extremely long lasting. It comes in various shades of purple, pink, white and red and will definitely give any arrangement some added fullness  and dimension.

9. Lisianthus has a delicate appearance which works very well in both garden and romantic style arrangements. It comes in a rich shade of purple as well as white, variegated purple and pink.

8. Cosmos are a fun summer flower which compliment any summer inspired arrangement. They are perfect in wildflower arrangements as well as bouquets.


7. Sunflowers are the most stunning during the summer months. They come in various sizes and shades and add a definitive punch of summer to any arrangement.

6. Dahlias are gorgeous and come in various different vibrant colors. They are a larger flower which can stand alone or be mixed with other types of flowers.  They have a unique texture which truly makes them stand out.

5. Zinnias are a popular flower among gardeners as they attract hummingbirds and repel certain insects. They are also popular among brides as they are a vibrant flowers which comes in a lot of different colors.


4. Queen Anne’s Lace can be purchased year round but is by far the most gorgeous in the summer. Its unique lacey appearance makes it attractive to many brides looking for a true romantic feel.

3. Mint is not only great in mojitos. It can add a fresh clean smell as well as a natural touch to both bouquets and table arrangements. Its a great alternative to traditional greenery.

2. Hydrangea is a lush flower which adds fullness and color in every design. The summer is a great time for using hydrangea in centerpieces and ceremony arrangements but is not ideal for bouquets which will be out of water.

1. Celosia is known by its unique fuzzy texture and coral-like shape. Its a hardy flower which makes it great for bouquets as well as centerpieces. During the end of the summer it is readily available and is sure to make a statement in any arrangement.

How to Best Prepare for a Floral Wedding Consultation

Planning a wedding is an exciting time for engaged couples. But it can also be an extremely overwhelming process especially when it comes to choosing your flowers.  Each week I spend a lot of time meeting with clients and the one thing that I continually hear is “What should I do before coming in for my consultation.” The purpose of this blog is to give you some tips on the best way to prepare for your wedding consultation so that it can be as productive and stress free as possible.
1. Research the Florists that you Would like to Meet-Before even scheduling your consultation, I would recommend doing some research into a florist that would be a good match for you. Take a look at their work online to see if these are the types of arrangements that you are looking for.  Every florist is unique in their style and abilities so by doing some upfront research it can, alleviate some of the frustration of meeting with someone that does not do the type of arrangements that you are looking for.
2. Choose Your Wedding Colors By choosing your wedding colors before your consultation, it will be of great assistance to choosing the flowers that will best fit your affair. Most flowers only come in particular colors so without having a color scheme its quite difficult to choose specific flowers. The color scheme is an important element in choosing the appropriate flowers.
3. Do Preliminary Research on Types of Flowers or Designs That Appeal to You– Once you choose a color scheme, its a good idea to go online to check out some different flower options and designs that would coincide with your theme. There are plenty of online resources to help you look at different options.
4. Bring Photographs– Once you have found some photos of arrangements that you like, its a good idea to either print them out or save them online to bring to the consultation. Its important to remember that most people don’t find exact photos of what they want but by showing your florist examples of things you do like it will give them a better idea of your style and overall taste.
5. Make a Rough Draft List of the Arrangements That You Will Need– Before coming into the consultation, it helps to sit down and make a list of the flowers that you will need. Some things are obvious such as bouquets and centerpieces but others are often times not as obvious such as corsages/boutonnieres for godparents and other special guests or flowers for the cake. This doesn’t have to be a definitive list as your florist can help you figure out everywhere that you might need flowers but it will at least get the wheels turning as to what you may need. It may even create a new list of questions that you may want to ask during the consultation.
6. Choose Your “Consultation Team”– Before coming in, really think about who is going to be an asset in helping you choose your wedding flowers and who will be a hindrance.  Often times I find that brides bring family and friends with them for the consultation that may be causing more frustration and confusion then actual assistance. Its best to only bring someone that is going to bring a positive energy and is going to be supportive of helping you achieve your floral goals for your event.
7.Make a List of Questions to Ask Your Florist – And by this I mean absolutely DO NOT go onto any of the wedding websites (without mentioning names) and print out their “recommended questions to ask your florist”.  Most of them are completely irrelevant in the real world, not to mention offensive to a reputable florist. This means actually think about some questions that you would truly like to ask. Don’t be embarrassed by any real questions that you may have. Good florists understand that most people have very little knowledge about what we do and flowers in general and are glad to enlighten you in anyway we can. I find that this also opens up a really good line of communication which essential to getting the most out of your relationship with your florist.

8. Come with an Open Mind and Positive Attitude- I find that there are some brides that come to the consultation with a defeatist attitude perhaps due to prior consultations or other wedding stresses. This is only a block to really working with your florist and making good choices. If you are positive and open with your florist, you will find that it will be a much more pleasant and productive experience.